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We've had 4 babies in 3 different cities in China (and one in the US, too). We know that having a baby in China as a foreigner can be a stressful time.

Will the doctor understand me?

Can I have a natural birth?

Will my husband be allowed to join me?
Will the hospital support me if I want to breastfeed?

At one of the most exciting times in your life, you're feeling anything but peace. That is why we created and why we put together this amazing group of instructors. Our goal is "Peace of Mind for the Expat" as you experience the amazing joy of giving birth in China.

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Lessons in FREE LESSON - Having a Baby in China -The Course:

  1. 1 FREE LESSON - Choosing a Hospital in China

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Lessons in Having a Baby in China - The Course:

  1. 1 Choosing a Hospital in China

    Objective: One of the first things you'll need to do when you find out you're pregnant is research and decide where you'll have your baby. Ruth shares the five main hospital and location options you have for giving birth in China.

  2. 2 Routine Checkups and Tests in China

    Objective: What tests will I be doing in a Chinese hospital? Do I need to do every test that is offered? Can I opt out of certain procedures? Will they let me know the gender of the baby? Varya addresses these topics and more in this video.

  3. 3 Advocating for yourself During Pregnancy in China

    Objective: Advocating for yourself is a crucial factor in having a comfortable pregnancy in birth and China. It can also be very intimidating. Varya walks us through mindset and practical tips to prepare yourself to do this.

  4. 4 Having an All Natural Birth in China

    Objective: Having a spontaneous vaginal birth without the use of medications or interventions in China is absolutely possible! And we believe it is something that should be strived for. Ruth walks us through the steps to prepare for an All Natural Birth in China.

  5. 5 Having a C-Section in China

    Objective: C-Section rates are higher in China than many Western countries. While we certainly advocate for trying for natural birth, it's important to know and understand what a C-Section looks like in China. Lisa walks us through this process.

  6. 6 Breastfeeding in China

    Objective: Just like in many other countries, formula feeding is common and often pushed on new moms and babies. Lisa walk us through what it looks like to breastfeed in China and what to expect from hospital staff and the greater community.

  7. 7 Supporting your Partner in Childbirth

  8. 8 Understanding Diagnostic Tests

What Our Members Have to Say:

“As a foreigner in China, it is super scary and confusing when trying to figure the hospital system. I found that I could relate to the instructors in this course because they are also Westerners living in China. To find good, reliable, and honest information is super difficult in China. I am very thankful for this course, as it answered many of my questions and gave me peace of mind.” ― Riaan, Originally from South Africa
“I discovered the course one month before giving birth as a foreigner in China. It definitely helped to ease my anxiety common among future mothers, especially when going through the process far from one’s own country. The videos were prepared by professionals who not only have extensive knowledge in the field of prenatal and postpartum care, but are also familiar with its specifics in China. Each lesson is divided into easy to follow sections covering the issues that expat parents struggle with.” ― Anna, Originally from Poland
“This course was so incredibly helpful and informative! Being pregnant away from home can be quite scary and this course really helped me to understand my options, manage my expectations and know how to be my own advocate. I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering having a baby here!

― Britney, Originally from the USA
“This online course is a must-watch for every expat mom-to-be in China! Whether it's your first baby or you've already had one in China, there's something for everyone to learn! I wish I'd had this back in 2008 when my first child was born. I'll certainly recommend it to every expectant mom I meet in China.” ― Charlotte
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